Why Learning a New Skill Is So Good for You

As it turns out, being a grown-up newbie offers all forms of shocking advantages. Just talk to journalist Tom Vanderbilt, who invested a 12 months making an attempt to decide up a wide variety of difficult capabilities, from surfing to singing to drawing. In the long run, he didn’t develop into amazing at any of these issues, but his humble quest taught him a thing far extra worthwhile: that irrespective of your age or how fast paced you feel you are, introducing yourself to a new skill is one of the most daily life-boosting issues you can do. Vanderbilt chronicled his endeavours and hard-won knowledge in his most recent reserve,  Novices: The Pleasure and Transformative Power of Lifelong Understanding. For this episode, Outdoors’s editor, Christopher Keyes, gets Vanderbilt to demonstrate what genuinely transpires to us when we dare to be a starter once more. 

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