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Where to Get Low Cost Minnesota Health Insurance

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Looking for a health insurance plan in Minnesota that won’t cost you an arm and a leg? Here’s how to find low cost Minnesota health insurance with a reliable carrier.

Minnesota State Health Insurance

Minnesota has a number of state-sponsored insurance programs for low income individuals and families. These include:

* The Minnesota Medical Assistance program, which provides health care for low income Minnesotans. This program is different than Medicare which is a federally sponsored program for people over 65 and people with disabilities.

* The Minnesota General Assistance Medical Care program, which provides health care for low income Minnesotans who are not eligible for state sponsored or federally sponsored health care programs.

* The Minnesota Care Plan, which provides health care for low income, uninsured working Minnesotans.

For more information about these Minnesota health insurance programs call your county’s human services agency, or go to the Minnesota Department of Health Website at: health.state.mn.us/healthcare.html.

Private Health Insurance

There are two types of health insurance plans that are available in Minnesota. They are:

* Fee-for-service plans (also known as indemnity plans), which pay for all or most of your doctor fees, hospital fees, and prescription drug costs after you pay a deductible (usually $500 to $2,000). These plans let you choose your doctor and hospital and are the most expensive of the health care plans.

* Managed health care plans, including HMOs, PPOs, and POSs, which pay for your your doctor fees, hospital fees, and prescription drug costs after you pay a co-payment (usually $5 to $10 per doctor visit). With these plans you are assigned to a network of doctors and hospitals. PPOs and POSs let you use a non-network doctor or hospital for an additional fee. HMOs are the cheapest of all the health care plans, followed by PPOs and POSs.

Low Cost Health Insurance

To get low cost health insurance you need to shop rates. The easiest way to do that is to go online to an insurance comparison website.

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