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Ways to Avoid That Chunky Fat Aerobics Instructor Syndrome

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Ways to Avoid That Chunky Fat Aerobics Instructor Syndrome

Have you ever heard of the ‘Chunky Fat Aerobics Instructor’ syndrome? This is actually a term that came from Charles Poliquin – Strength Coach and creator or the BioSignature method.

This is definitely one serious issue and you might have already have this without you knowing. You might not have heard of it before but the signs are everywhere.

There are instructors who can teach 18 classes of cardio alone each week and have been doing it for years. They like doing cardio so much that they do it between each class or before and after each meal. Does this sound like your kind of exercise?

Moreover, these people notice that they get bigger each year and are constantly wondering why they cannot seem to stop it from happening. This is despite the fact that they are spending more time, than required, in doing their exercises.

Could this be you? Are you one of those who believes that all it takes to lose that fat is to perform cardio as much as you can? If you truly believe in it, it must be working for you and you must be seeing results by now. However, is it really working for you? And you have been a member of that gym for quite some time, you already know who the well-known cardio geeks are. However, have you noticed that these cardio geeks are still overweight? Then, it is high time to look at things in a different way to see what cardio really does to your body.

Things To Do To Avoid Chunky Fat Aerobic Instructor Syndrome:

Coach Poliquin found out through clinical experience that aerobic exercise could lead to storing subcutaneous fat in your body. Usually stored on your legs and butt. Constantly doing aerobic exercise will make your blood fat to go up. This serves as a protective mechanism to your body as it provides energy beforehand to perform all our aerobic routines, depending on our past behaviors.

The bad news is that this just one of the many issues you are about to face. In addition, these fats, health-destroying fats, may form in your muscles. Your body will adapt in as little as 6 weeks of doing cardio. Then, it will convert foods into fats. These fats will slowly build up in your muscles cells, which will change the density of the cells eventually. This is a very difficult process to revert particularly if it has been going on for quite some time but it is never too late for you to do something about it and start your fat loss program now.

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