July 25, 2024


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Video: Triceps extension with dumbbell

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Edward R. Laskowski, M.D.: The triceps extension is an exercising you can do with dumbbells to do the job the triceps muscle mass. As the identify implies, the triceps extension aids strengthen and tone the triceps muscle mass, which is situated in the back of your upper arm.

Nicole L. Campbell: To do a triceps extension, lie on your back with a dumbbell in your hand. Stage your upper arm toward the ceiling, with your elbow bent to ninety levels. Slowly and gradually straighten the elbow, moving the bodyweight upward. Then slowly and gradually lessen the bodyweight to the starting off place. You’ll truly feel rigidity in the muscle mass in the back of your upper arm.

When you are accomplishing triceps extensions, shift your arm easily and slowly and gradually. Never jerk your arm as you are extending it.

If it really is rough to stabilize your arm throughout the exercising, use the opposite hand to assistance preserve your arm in a ninety-diploma place throughout just about every extension. Hold your head, spine and lessen body secure but relaxed throughout the exercising. You can do triceps extensions lying on a bodyweight bench or on the floor.

For most people today, one particular established of 12 to fifteen repetitions is enough.

Bear in mind, for best effects, shift your arm easily and slowly and gradually throughout the exercising.

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