March 2, 2024


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Video: Hamstring curl with resistance tubing

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Edward R. Laskowski, M.D.: The hamstring curl is an physical exercise you can do with resistance tubing to work the muscles in the back again of the thigh. As the title indicates, the hamstring curl targets the hamstring muscles in the back again of the thigh. The hamstring curl also performs the gluteal muscles in the buttocks. Powerful hamstring muscles really can safeguard the knee from injuries.

Nicole L. Campbell: To do a hamstring curl with resistance tubing, start off by looping just one finish of the tubing around your ankle. Then phase on the open finish of the tubing with your other foot. The fewer tubing involving your ankle and the reverse foot, the greater the resistance. Stand with your feet shoulder-width aside and your knees marginally bent. Bending only at the knee, raise your foot powering your physique and towards your buttock as much as you can, and then gradually return to the starting up position. You may sense pressure in the muscles in your legs and buttocks.

When you’re undertaking hamstring curls, you could want to location your reverse hand on a wall for assist. Hold the reverse knee marginally bent, and the reverse foot planted firmly on the ground.

Hold your back again in a secure, neutral position, and hold your stomach muscles nice and restricted.

For most people today, just one set of 12 to fifteen repetitions is suitable.

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