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The Single Best Shoulder Exercise for Men

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Overhead presses are one particular of the biggest moves to acquire shoulder toughness and mass. They create up the deltoids and muscles that assist the scapula, strengthening the shoulder through a wide range of motion and improving overall performance both of those in and out of the health club. But they are not the single greatest shoulder exercise for guys. That title belongs to the landmine shoulder press.

Why? Because even when you’re thorough to crank out overhead presses with photo-best sort, a thing is generally off. And even slight sort flaws can eventually direct to agony or injury. Enter the landmine shoulder press. 

What’s the Landmine Shoulder Press?

A landmine is a distinctive toughness-teaching resource, established by securing one particular close of a barbell into a steel sleeve connected to the ground (or by wedging the close in a corner with towels or in between two weights). The absolutely free close is then loaded with weight plates and used for resistance. 

When it comes to the landmine shoulder press, the close is—you guessed it—pressed overhead applying your shoulders.

“What really separates the landmine shoulder press from other overhead shoulder press versions is the weight and shoulders’ movement path,” describes Tony Gentilcore, C.S.C.S., toughness coach and operator of Core teaching studio outside the house Boston. 

With common shoulder presses, the weight travels straight up overhead in line with the ears, whilst the landmine calls for an arched movement path. As you press the weight, it also moves ahead in entrance of you in a curved trajectory. 

Why the Landmine Shoulder Press Is So Helpful

The landmine shoulder press’ movement path is vital due to the fact it builds shoulders with out the pitfalls involved with most straight-overhead lifts. 

Individuals pitfalls, which involve shoulder and reduced-back agony as well as wear and tear to shoulder cartilage, all stem from widespread shoulder mobility limits, Gentilcore states. These are usually thanks to a mixture of sitting down, hunching around telephones and personal computers, muscular imbalances in between the anterior and posterior chain, or simply just not teaching mobility, he states. 

The landmine shoulder press, nevertheless, doesn’t call for over-regular shoulder mobility, given that you transfer the weight up and in entrance of the human body. Translation: all of the advantages with much less of a chance.

What’s much more, the set up allows for urgent increased hundreds than usually achievable with common military services and overhead presses.

Urgent up and out, the shoulder is in a much better placement than urgent straight up. It also gets an help from the upper body muscles, even further raising how a lot weight you can handle, describes Prentiss Rhodes, C.P.T., product or service manager with the Nationwide Academy of Sports activities Medication. 

In addition, the landmine shoulder press is a thing of a combine in between a absolutely free weight and mounted weight exercise, Rhodes describes. Although the shoulders have to regulate the weight in some planes of motion, they never have to function as really hard to stabilize a landmine as they do when transferring a absolutely free barbell or dumbbells.

Nonetheless, the regulate that the landmine shoulder press does call for is nonetheless sufficient to make improvements to shoulder balance, Rhodes states, and it’s vital to focus on possessing each stage of the exercise with company, packed shoulders. The overhead stage also necessitates a large amount of balance from the main.

Very last, it’s also well worth taking into consideration grip: The landmine shoulder press is carried out with a neutral grip, positioning the humerus, or higher-arm bone, in the shoulder socket in a joint-welcoming way. A pronated grip all through shoulder exercises tends to carry a increased chance of impingement and joint irritation.

How to Do the Landmine Shoulder Press with Perfect Sort

Bilateral Overhead Press
Justin Steele for Men’s Journal
  1. Connect the barbell to the landmine with the acceptable weight plates and safe the load with a weight clip. If you never have a focused landmine readily available, you can area the close of a barbell in a corner (established by two walls) or two higher, weighty, rubber weight plates.
  2. Stand with your feet hip-width aside, with the loaded close of the barbell in between the balls of your feet. (Other alternatives involve a staggered stance, bracing on both of those knees, or sitting down down with your legs outstretched in entrance of you.)
  3. With both of those palms, clear the barbell shut to your upper body with your elbows pointed straight down toward the ground.
  4. Trying to keep your main and lats braced, press the weight up until your arms are fully extended. To match the weight’s arched movement path, lean slightly ahead from your ankles.
  5. Pause, bit by bit lower the weight back to your upper body, and repeat. 

“Technique-clever, it’s quite vital to maintain the higher back flat and main engaged, and not allow any dipping into the reduced back,” states Roger Earle, C.S.C.S., C.P.T., co-author of Fat Education: Steps to Accomplishment. This stops weight from dumping into and hurting the lower back while also protecting against any ahead rounding through the shoulders. Check out to maintain your legs, torso, and arms in one particular prolonged, straight line throughout the total exercise.

As a progression, you can try out the landmine shoulder press from a 50 %-kneeling or break up stance placement, urgent with one particular arm at a time (with the opposite leg ahead). This will focus on unilateral toughness and put a bigger desire for balance on the shoulder and rotator cuff muscles. It will also practice the core’s anti-rotational toughness and obliques to a higher degree , Rhodes notes.

How to Integrate the Landmine Shoulder Press into Your Training Regime

The landmine shoulder press can fit seamlessly into any exercise routine routine. Depending on your programming routine, you can add it to complete-human body, higher-human body, force, and shoulder-particular routines.  

If the shoulder press is one particular of numerous overhead urgent actions in your arsenal, look at teaching it two to a few instances for each week. Nonetheless, if you also execute various shoulder presses with absolutely free weights or devices, integrating it into your routines even when a week can be really advantageous. 

The proper load for you is going to be quite unique, and based on both of those your goals and shoulder health. Because the landmine shoulder press is a multi-joint transfer, you can load it with a fairly higher-rep highest to hone in on maximal toughness. For instance, try out four sets of six reps or five sets of five reps. 

You can also use moderate or light-weight weights and increased reps to prioritize muscular endurance or to maintain your chance of injury at a bare minimum if you have cranky joints or a record of shoulder complications. Consider everything from 3 sets of twelve or fifteen reps to four or five sets of eight to twelve reps. The heavier you go, the previously in your exercise routine you need to strike the transfer. 

And even though the landmine press doesn’t desire the utmost shoulder mobility, it under no circumstances hurts to practice it. Carry out a couple minutes of drills such as wall slides, serratus anterior slides with a foam roller, or shoulder rotations prior to getting maintain of the landmine.

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