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Strep B Test: MedlinePlus Lab Test Information

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What takes place all through a group B strep take a look at?

If you are expecting, your wellness care company may well purchase a swab take a look at or a urine take a look at.

For a swab take a look at, you will lie on your back again on an test desk. Your wellness care company will use a
compact cotton swab to take a sample of cells and fluids from your vagina and rectum.

For a urine take a look at, you will most likely be told to use the “cleanse catch strategy” to be certain your sample is sterile. It includes the pursuing actions.

  • Wash your arms.
  • Clean your genital location with a cleaning pad presented to you by your company. To cleanse, open up your labia and wipe from entrance to back again.
  • Start to urinate into the toilet.
  • Go the selection container under your urine stream.
  • Collect at minimum an ounce or two of urine into the container, which must have markings to suggest the quantities.
  • Finish urinating into the toilet.
  • Return the sample container as instructed by your wellness care company.

If your toddler wants screening, a company may well do a blood take a look at or a spinal faucet.

For a blood take a look at, a wellness care specialist will use a compact needle to take a blood sample from your baby’s heel. After the needle is inserted, a compact amount of money of blood will be gathered into a take a look at tube or vial. Your toddler may well feel a small sting when the needle goes in or out.

A spinal faucet, also recognised as a lumbar puncture, is a take a look at that collects and appears at spinal fluid, the clear liquid that surrounds the brain and spinal twine. Throughout the method:

  • A nurse or other wellness care company will hold your toddler in a curled-up situation.
  • A wellness care company will cleanse your baby’s back again and inject an anesthetic into the skin, so your toddler will not feel pain all through the method. The company may well put a numbing cream on your baby’s back again just before this injection.
  • The company may well also give your toddler a sedative and/or pain reliever to assist him or her improved tolerate the method.
  • At the time the location on the back again is absolutely numb, your company will insert a skinny, hollow needle amongst two vertebrae in the reduced backbone. Vertebrae are the compact backbones that make up the backbone.
  • The company will withdraw a compact amount of money of cerebrospinal fluid for screening. This will take about five minutes.
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