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Proform Elliptical Trainer Reviews – Once You Get a Proform You Never Go Back

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Proform Elliptical Trainer Reviews – Once You Get a Proform You Never Go Back

Proform ellipticals are manufactured by Icon Health and Fitness, the same company that manufactures fitness equipment brands like NordicTrack, FreeMotion Fitness, Weider and HealthRider. Indeed, the company is a billion-dollar business and a formidable force in the fitness equipment industry.

Price and Warranty

The Proform elliptical machines are generally considered to be in the mid-range of fitness equipment. Prices range from $500 to $1,000 although there are discounts offered by some online sites. For example, the Stride Select retails at the discounted price of $499 while the Proform 880 trainer sells at $800, excluding shipping and handling fees.

On the downside, many reviews point out the relatively short warranties offered by the manufacturer. Generally speaking, the elliptical equipment is only covered by warranty for a maximum of 90 days for defects, materials and workmanship, of which the Proform 1280 is one.

Thus, Proform offers affordable fitness equipment although the warranty is not something to be happy about.

Features and Benefits

As can be expected in a wide range of elliptical equipment, the features vary among models and so do the benefits. However, keep in mind that all of these machines will always provide the most important benefit – aerobic and cardiovascular workouts.

Many reviewers also point our other benefits of the fitness equipment, which include full body workouts, better body posture, toned butt and thighs along with cross training benefits. For example, the Proform 1280 has an incline feature that allows users to cross train.

And speaking of features, many a Proform elliptical trainer has the following common features:

o Reflex Step Technology, which is the company term for the articulating footplate. In the Proform 880 and the Proform 1080S, this is simply a curved pedal that flexes with every step taken.

o Silent Magnetic Resistance that utilizes a magnetic pull mechanism to create resistance. It supposedly contributes to a noiseless workout.

o EKGT Grip Pulse Sensors that monitors heart rate upon contact.

o Pedal positions that allow for workout personalization.

o Motorized brake system

o Built-in workouts

o CD players and speakers

This Proform elliptical review will concede that the equipments are indeed heavy on features. This must account for the popularity of the product despite the consumer concerns for safety and durability.

Main Strengths and Weaknesses

On one hand, the main strengths of the Proform elliptical equipment are their affordable prices, entertainment options and general popularity. Take the Proform 1080S, for example, with its built-in CD player at an affordable price of $750.

On the other hand, the main weaknesses center on the average, sometimes even below average, ratings for the reliability and quality of virtually all the Proform elliptical trainers. In fact, Consumer Reports asserts that Proform elliptical machines and treadmills had problems right out of the box!

In conclusion, this Proform elliptical review gives an average rating for the fitness equipments. Users can afford the feature-rich machines but must contend with the very short warranty and the less-than-sterling quality.

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