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Midwives Jobs in New Zealand – Working in the Community

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Midwives jobs in New Zealand are not just available in the main centres of the country; you can work all over the place in smaller towns, communities and rural areas. The expertise of midwives is needed extensively all over the country as they provide care and support to women during pregnancy, labour and birth and for up to six weeks following the birth. Midwives also provide healthcare information for mothers and their babies and advice on good parenting practices.

The need for midwives in towns and rural areas is great as the capabilities and skills of a trained midwife are invaluable to all women experiencing pregnancy. Working in smaller communities in New Zealand can be an incredibly rewarding task and you will get the opportunity to work with other skilled medical professionals such as general practitioners, practice nurses, obstetricians, paediatricians, physiotherapists, physicians and dieticians. You will also come into to contact with professionals in other organisations such as Child, Youth and Family Services, Work and Income New Zealand and Housing New Zealand. As a registered midwife you can choose to be self employed. This will give you greater freedom to work in the city or town of your choosing. You can also work alongside other self-employed midwives in practices. The draw cards for working outside the main centres in New Zealand are the diverse experiences and skills you will gain, the gratifying task of working within small knit communities and the great lifestyle opportunities that rural New Zealand offers you.

Some of the great locations around the country that you can work in include places such as the Marlborough region, the West Coast and the Bay of Plenty. The Marlborough region is located on the top of the South Island and is famous for its high quality of wine and the amazing landscapes of the Marlborough Sounds. Blenheim is the regions capital with the largest urban area. This diverse region will make your work as a midwife incredibly rewarding and interesting. The South Island’s West Coast is sparsely populated and full of incredibly beautiful scenery. The ruggedness of the West Coast translates into the heartiness of the people of the region. Some of the main townships include Hokitika, Westport and Greymouth. Your experiences working in these areas will be memorable and diverse to say the least. Another excellent location to work in outside the main cities of New Zealand is The Bay of Plenty. Stretching from the Coromandel Peninsula in the West of the North Island to Cape Runaway in the East it boasts beautiful beaches and sunny climates. The main towns of this region include Tauranga, Rotorua and Whakatane. This beautiful region will allow you to indulge in the lifestyle you want as well as experiencing rewarding work in the community as a midwife.

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