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Making Decisions About Switching Birth Control Methods

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More than time, your delivery manage may possibly not in shape into your life-style any longer, or for any selection of factors, you make be looking to alter it. It is usual and completely harmless to change delivery manage strategies, as very long as you chat to your health care provider to start with. Learning about distinctive types of delivery manage and how to safely and securely change can aid you obtain the most effective approach for you.

Why You May Want to Swap Beginning Command Methods

It may possibly be a great time to take into account a new type of delivery manage if:

You overlook to consider your capsule. If you overlook to consider their capsule at the same time every working day, it can set you at a larger threat for being pregnant. If placing alarms or building reminders still hasn’t assisted you stay reliable with the capsule, you could want to appear into distinctive strategies.

Some other strategies to take into account include things like barrier strategies like condoms, inner condoms, cervical caps, the sponge, or the diaphragm. When you’ll still require to bear in mind to use these ahead of obtaining intercourse, you won’t require to bear in mind to consider a capsule every working day.


You could change to the implant (which can be successful for up to four yrs), the IUD (which can very last from 5-ten yrs), the patch (you’ll only have to swap it out the moment a 7 days), or the ring (which can be successful for 3 weeks at a time).

You dislike the aspect consequences. You could have some aspect consequences when you start a new type of delivery manage. Give your body a few months to change to the new approach and then see if the aspect consequences go away. Discuss to your health care provider if you are unsure of what’s usual or not.

If you make your mind up the aspect consequences of your current delivery manage don’t perform for you, it’s time to appear into other strategies. Cybill Esguerra, MD, an assistant professor of gynecology and obstetrics at the Johns Hopkins College College of Drugs, finds that obtaining adverse aspect consequences is the most frequent explanation for switching delivery manage.

“It’s both unscheduled bleeding or suffering. For illustration, in the circumstance of an IUD,” she states. “Other items that people today explore include things like bodyweight attain, skin changes, or temper changes.”


There are various types of uncomfortable aspect consequences that can transpire owing to delivery manage. But just simply because one type of hormonal delivery manage didn’t perform for you does not imply one more kind won’t. But if you favor to use a non-hormonal type of contraception as an alternative, you can investigate the distinctive types of barrier strategies as well.

You dislike obtaining an abnormal time period. One particular precise aspect result from delivery manage is obtaining changes in your time period. You may possibly have spotting, notice changes in your cycles, or cease your time period altogether when using delivery manage. A copper IUD (Paragard) could make your time period heavier, while hormonal IUDs (Kyleena, Liletta, Mirena, and Skyla) could cease your time period or make it lighter.

Skipped periods owing to delivery manage could result in you to worry that you are expecting. Or you could basically be unwell of obtaining irregular cycles. No matter what the explanation is, it may possibly be a great plan to appear into how other kinds of delivery manage could have an impact on your time period. That way, you can seek out new alternatives that could perform for you.


You are worried about protection. You could sense that your current kind of delivery manage isn’t shielding you from being pregnant as well as you want it to be. If you sense anxious each time you have intercourse or have a lot of anxiety if your time period is irregular, you really should do some exploration about delivery manage performance. Look into how successful your kind of contraception is and see if there are ways you can enhance its success (like using a condom as well as taking the delivery manage capsule, for illustration).

But if you still obtain that your current approach isn’t what you want, chat to your health care provider about the performance of other strategies.

If you are involved about remaining safeguarded from sexually transmitted infections (STIs), use condoms or inner condoms as an alternative of, or in addition to, your current delivery manage approach. These two types of condoms are the only kinds of delivery manage that can prevent STIs.

How to Safely Swap Beginning Command Methods

If you make your mind up that you want to change delivery manage strategies, it’s crucial to do it the correct way to assure you are safeguarded against being pregnant.

You really should go straight from one delivery manage approach to the next, without taking any breaks. If you are on delivery manage supplements, you don’t require to complete your current pack ahead of you start a new delivery manage approach in order to be safeguarded. But Esguerra recommends that people today complete their authentic delivery manage pack ahead of swapping to “make the transition as seamless as possible” in phrases of aspect consequences.

Following you change strategies, you may possibly notice some changes in your time period. But this is usual and isn’t something to be involved about.

Depending on which delivery manage approach you are on and which kind you change to, you could require to overlap them. This signifies that you’ll have to start your new delivery manage ahead of you cease the old delivery manage approach. Just about every kind calls for a distinctive overlap time, and some don’t have to have one at all. Talk to your health care provider if you’ll require to overlap dependent on your current and new contraceptive.


If you don’t want to overlap your delivery controls, you can use a backup approach. This signifies both using a condom or spermicide through the time that you’d otherwise be overlapping your delivery manage strategies.

Backup strategies can provide you added basic safety when switching delivery manage strategies. “Generally, at any time you start a new approach, you want to use a backup approach for one 7 days,” Esguerra states.

Side Outcomes of Switching Beginning Command Methods

When you change to a new kind of delivery manage, it’s frequent to have irregular bleeding for a few of months. If you get an IUD, you could also have some irritation or cramping following insertion. But equally aspect consequences really should get much better with time.

Depending on which approach you change to, hormonal delivery manage strategies may possibly also result in undesirable aspect consequences. But these really should go away inside of 3-5 months of continued use of your new approach. You may possibly notice:

  • Zits (far more frequent in progestin-only strategies, significantly less frequent in merged supplements and Nuvaring)
  • Amenorrhea, or decline of your time period (far more frequent in Depo-Provera, Implanon, Mirena, constant-cycle merged supplements, Nuvaring, significantly less frequent in merged supplements or progestin-only supplements)
  • Breast tenderness (far more frequent in Ortho Evra, significantly less frequent in merged supplements or Nuvaring)
  • Reduced intercourse drive
  • Frustrated temper (far more frequent in Depo-Provera, significantly less frequent in Nuvaring)
  • Headache (frequent in all hormonal strategies)
  • Unwanted hair growth (far more frequent in progestin-only strategies, significantly less frequent in merged supplements)
  • Much more vaginal discharge (far more frequent in Nuvaring, significantly less frequent in all other strategies)
  • Nausea (far more frequent in Ortho Evra, significantly less frequent in Nuvaring)
  • Oily skin (far more frequent in progestin-only strategies, significantly less frequent in merged supplements)
  • Weight attain (far more frequent in Depo-Provera, significantly less frequent in merged hormonal strategies, Mirena, or progestin-only supplements)


To simplicity any suffering through your transition time period, Esguerra implies taking about-the-counter suffering drugs like ibuprofen or naproxen or using warm compresses. But if the suffering would seem to get even worse, in particular following an IUD insertion, it’s most effective to reach out to your health care provider as before long as attainable. This way they can make guaranteed nothing at all else is mistaken.

Esguerra encourages people today to be advocates for their body and check with concerns when it will come to switching delivery manage strategies.

“I assume girls really should sense quite empowered to make an appointment just for a contraceptive session,” she states. “They shouldn’t sense like they require to know what they want ahead of creating an appointment with their gynecologist.”

As usually, it’s most effective to chat to your health care provider about your contraception wants and requirements. They’ll be able to tutorial you to discovering the most effective delivery manage for your body.

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