Laird Hamilton and Joe Rogan Discuss Staying Fit and Healthy at Any Age

As you get more mature, basic physical fitness looks to be a single of the very first things to slip. Probably you are much too busy, much too tired, much too stressed––the listing of excuses goes on. However, a single justification which is basically not real is that you are much too outdated.

Although nobody claimed having more mature is easy––especially when it will come to sustaining fitness––there are plenty of illustrations of more mature athletes who defy their age and go on performing at a significant amount. Two primary illustrations are Laird Hamilton and Joe Rogan. Although both adult males are in their 50s, instruction and physical fitness continue being at the forefront of their aim.

In this 10-minute video, the two talk about the importance of keeping match as you get more mature, recommendations for keeping enthusiastic, and why stating that you’re “too outdated to workout” is not real.

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