How to Take Care of Dental Implants to Stay Strong & Healthy

Dental implants are stronger than regular teeth and do not perforate. Even so, we still have to take care of it like we take care of teeth if we want dental implants to last for a long time. How to care for dental implants is basically the same as taking care of teeth, namely by cleaning them regularly and regularly checking with the dentist every 6 months. Here are ways that you can apply at home.

1. Clean your teeth at least twice a day, especially after eating.

Use ordinary toothpaste, which has no frills to whiten or brighten teeth because this kind of toothpaste usually has a fairly harsh content that can break down the outer layer of the dental prosthesis implant. Choose a soft toothbrush, which can clean the plaque on the inside of your teeth, but the bristles don’t hurt your gums. Use dental floss or dental floss to clean food residue in the crevices of your teeth that a regular toothbrush cannot remove. Don’t forget to rinse your mouth with a mouthwash solution so that your mouth is clean and doesn’t smell bad.

2. Check with the doctor regularly every 6 months

Dental implants need to be checked regularly to see how they affect the health of your teeth and mouth. In addition, the dentist also needs to check how the condition of the implant is. To check the condition of the implant can actually be done every 3 years, but it would be better if you come to see the dentist every 6 months because you still have regular teeth that need to be checked for health.

3. Avoid high-sugar foods

Dental implants can’t be perforated, but plaque can still be attached. Foods that contain high sugar content tend to cause more plaque to build up, which can affect gum health. After all, foods with high sugar content are also not good for overall body health because they can cause health problems such as diabetes and obesity.

That’s how to care for dental implants. It’s a good idea to ask your dentist after the implant surgery if there is any special treatment that needs to be done on the implant. By keeping the mouth and teeth area hygienic, the risk of infection in the area around dental implants can be minimized. As information, dental implants in poland are best solution for this idea.

Furthermore, in addition to the tips above, you can also go to a dental clinic that provides various dental care facilities, both preventive and medical. In addition there are also treatments aimed at beautifying or beautifying the shape of the teeth. But in the end, all the treatments provided at the dental clinic have the aim of maintaining oral and dental health. The basic services or treatments provided by the dental clinic include premadication, tooth extraction, dental fillings, dental nerve treatment, dental consultation and dental emergency treatment. All of these treatment actions are certainly carried out by medical personnel, namely dentists who have taken formal education and are certified.