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Fat Burning Secrets – Does Running Burn Fat?

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Fat Burning Secrets – Does Running Burn Fat?

Does running really burns fat effectively? I been asked this question over and over again, and the answer is an outstanding yes! In fact, running is considered to be one of the best fat burning exercises available. What makes it so famous and pragmatic is its convenience-it can be performed almost by anyone, and it does require any special equipments; just a pair of running shoes and you are off to go!

Why running burns fat?

Running burns fat mainly for 3 reasons:

– As you may know, the body consumes less energy when at rest than when active. Running is mainly a physical activity per excellence. Your body needs to burn calories in order to supply your energy needs when running. This heavy reliance on calorie expenditure starts the fat burning process.

– The fat burning process does not stop as soon as you stop running. This process continues after long hours the exercise has been done. Why? Running and other cardiovascular activities boost your metabolism rates, resulting in a higher calorie burning rates even when the body is at rest.

– Running builds muscles, and the more muscles you accumulate on your body, the more calories you burn-even when not exercising. When you have built enough muscles, you won’t have to train as hard to bun fat. In fact, your muscles-especially leg muscles will become fat burning furnaces.

Weight loss Vs. fat loss

One thing that you should understand is that there is a huge difference between weight loss and fat loss. Weight loss can happen for many reasons like unhealthy dehydration or by just going to the bathroom. On the other side, fat loss is the process of getting rid of unwanted fat tissues on the body.

You should aim is lose weight by shedding and burning excess fat. Instant weight loss can be a warming sign that you may are dehydrating and losing muscle tissue. You weight loss goals should excess 2 pounds a week.

What type of running is the best for fat loss?

You can mainly burn fat by 2 running methods:

– You can run long distances, and take advantage of the fat burning zone that starts after 30 minutes of running or more. Keep in mind that during the first 15 minutes, you will be mainly using carbohydrates as the main source of energy.

– Or you can do interval training. This type of training consists on intense running bouts interspersed by walking or relative rest boots. If you are doing this type of training regularly, you metabolism levels will go through the roof and you build strong muscle tissues.

So, apparently the best method to burn fat is achieved through interval training. My advice to you is to combine them both. Each training has its own pros and cons. And every person is different. Find what works best for you.

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