The OraQuick In-Home HIV Test Kit is a do-it-yourself rapid home-use HIV test kit provides results in 20-40 minutes and does not require sending a sample to a laboratory for analysis.


It is believed that 1.1 million individuals in the U.S. are living with HIV. And some of those people individuals — about one particular in seven — do not know they have it, according to the U.S. Facilities for Condition Handle and Avoidance (CDC).

HIV screening is important to controlling the virus. If individuals just can’t get to a clinic for tests, or have considerations about their privateness, there is a house tests package that has been evaluated and authorised by the U.S. Meals and Drug Administration (Fda).

Why is HIV tests important?

The CDC endorses that anyone concerning the ages of thirteen and 64 several years outdated be screened for HIV at minimum the moment as part of their plan wellbeing care. Far more repeated tests is suggested for individuals who have a greater danger of an infection since of behaviors these types of as having sex without having condoms, having sex with a number of companions, or injecting prescription drugs using shared needles.

When individuals know their HIV standing, they have impressive details they can use to take care of them selves.

For individuals who are HIV beneficial, there are Fda-authorised medications that can assist continue to keep the virus less than management. These medications do not treatment HIV, but they can assist individuals live for a longer period, much healthier life and cut down the chance they’ll unfold the virus to another person else. For individuals who are HIV unfavorable, there are Fda-authorised PrEP (or pre-exposure prophylaxis) prescription drugs that might assist shield from an infection. HIV medications can sometimes trigger facet results. It is important to chat with your wellbeing care supplier prior to starting a new medicine and about facet results and warnings for any medications you take.

Can I securely check myself at house?

The OraQuick In-Property HIV Test is the only HIV check authorised by the Fda that individuals can use to check them selves at house or in a non-public area. OraQuick was authorised in 2012 for sale in merchants and on the web to everyone age 17 and older.

The package does not have to have sending a sample to a lab. It assessments fluid from the mouth and delivers final results in twenty to forty minutes.

How does the OraQuick In-Property HIV check package work?

The check checks for antibodies to HIV.  Antibodies are proteins the physique can make to fight off an an infection.

The package is made up of a check adhere you use to swab your upper and decreased gums to gather an oral fluid sample from your mouth. The adhere is then positioned in a tube with a tests alternative. Right after twenty to forty minutes, one particular line will seem if the check is unfavorable. Two lines point out that HIV antibodies ended up detected and that you might be HIV beneficial.

If the house check is beneficial, a follow-up laboratory check will will need to be done to confirm the final results.

If I get a beneficial result with the OraQuick check, does that indicate I definitively have HIV?

Not always. Far more tests done via a lab is essential to confirm your HIV standing. Search at this as a initial phase in HIV tests. Because no check is ideal, there will be some bogus beneficial final results. Medical reports for self-tests have demonstrated that the OraQuick check will deliver one particular bogus beneficial result out of about each individual 5,000 assessments in uninfected people.

If you get a beneficial result, it can be very important that you follow up on the result with your wellbeing care skilled for even more tests and for procedure if the an infection is confirmed. You can also contact the OraQuick Shopper Aid Center, which has counselors obtainable 24 hours a day to solution issues and provide community referrals for follow-up tests and care.

If I get a unfavorable result with the OraQuick check, does that indicate that I definitively do not have HIV?

No — and this is important for buyers of the check to recognize. The check is not responsible at detecting HIV an infection right until at minimum 3 months following an infection. In addition, even following 3 months, there can also be bogus unfavorable final results since no check is ideal. Medical reports by untrained buyers showed that the OraQuick check will deliver about one particular bogus unfavorable result out of each individual twelve assessments performed in HIV- infected people. Also, people taking medicine to treat or protect against HIV an infection might get bogus unfavorable final results since the medications might have an effect on antibody levels. This suggests that it is important not to count on a unfavorable check result to decide no matter if to have interaction in habits that puts you at danger for HIV an infection.

What are other HIV check solutions beside a house check?

HIV assessments are provided at quite a few sorts of locations which include your wellbeing care provider’s office environment. The CDC internet site on HIV tests has details on exactly where you can get screened, the unique sorts of assessments and what you can expect.