Childhood apraxia of speech: Other resources

[Music Participating in] There is a wonderful corporation referred to as the Childhood Apraxia of Speech Affiliation of North The usa (CASANA). This is an corporation started by a parent of a child with apraxia of speech. Her title is Sharon Gretz, and she’s just accomplished a wonderful career of offering this corporation as a place where parents can go to get added information and facts. CASANA truly fosters this partnership involving speech pathologists and parents in a way that I believe has been terrifically useful. I would stimulate parents who want added information and facts about childhood apraxia of speech to go to their web site, which is

Lots of parents are incredibly anxious. They are anxious when their child isn’t really creating speech in a normal way. They get even a lot more anxious when they hear terms like apraxia of speech, which seems quite ominous. But it truly is truly just a label for a subset of youngsters that have speech sound issues. One particular of the very first factors I like to do when I’m assembly with a parent is to assure them that most youngsters that have childhood apraxia of speech — and most speech issues — are going to be talkers. Some will have to have a lot more therapy than others, but I’ve met pretty handful of youngsters with childhood apraxia who are never equipped to communicate. Some youngsters who have pretty severe apraxia when they’re young could usually have some residual issues that make them sound potentially a little diverse. But they will commonly be intelligible, verbal communicators.