Building Your Own Home Gym

Many people who are pressed for time find out that going to the gym religiously requires a lot of sacrifices. Social lives tend to suffer from single people. Worse, having a family will mean precious time lost in the gym instead of having it with the wife and family.

Building a home gym is something that many people do to save time and minimize the sacrifices needed to maintain a healthy physique.

This article will go through the necessary equipment you will need to start out building your home gym. A lot of people think you need a whole lot of space and money to replicate a gym right in the comfort of your own home. But that is not necessarily the case if you buy your health and exercise equipment by


A bench is an essential piece of any home gym. Many people start with stools or even a piano chair to do their exercises on. Still, a sturdy bench is both cheap and reliable.

This will be the platform that your body will be resting on whether lying supine or sitting upright. It would help if you got benches that will fit right into your exercise platform of choice.

Try to find a bench that does inclines as well as declines to increase variability in exercises. A few benches do not decline, so you may want to look out for that.

Olympic Weight Set

An Olympic weight set is a standard when it comes to weight training bars and plates. All Olympic weight sets come in 300-pound sets, so this should provide a whole lot of weight that you will not be outgrowing anytime.

As opposed to regular weight sets, the Olympic one will feature a larger bar and holes on its plates to match. The bar will also be much heavier. Some people dislike Olympic bars, but they strengthen your grip. Their length makes sure that your stabilizing muscle groups are exercised.

Power Rack

Finally, we arrive at the foundation of all home gyms. The power rack is the absolute be-all and end-all of all home exercise equipment. It should be the foundation of your home gym.

Power Racks are an inexpensive alternative to purchasing several gym equipment at once. They may look deceptively simple, but they are designed to provide a platform on which you can perform all the important and necessary exercises to build a complete physique.

You can do almost nothing in a gym that you cannot do with a good power rack. They come with various attachments nowadays meant to extend the simple 7-foot rectangular metal frame into a truly complete home gym.

The three pieces of equipment above are all you need to develop a fit and tone body that will envy those around you. Do not underestimate how much you can do with “just these three.”