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Best and Worst Mustache Styles for Men

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An iconic and timeless indication of masculinity, the mustache has a very long and storied history. Archaeologists believe that mustaches may possibly day back to the caveman era, but the modern-day mustache surfaced throughout the late 1500s in England. Above the many years, mustache types have advanced, coming in and out of reputation. At moments, the facial hair was a image of status. In other eras, it was seen as unclean and often even acknowledged as a image of evil. Currently, the mustache is as well-liked as ever because if we’re becoming genuine, it hardly ever really goes out of design.



Whilst facial hair is an evergreen pattern in grooming, mustache types have varied around the many years. Below, we’ve compiled a record of well-liked looks—some you need to rock, many others you need to leave in the earlier.

The Best and Worst Mustache Kinds for Gentlemen

Daniel Day Lewis in 'Gangs of New York'
Daniel Day Lewis in ‘Gangs of New York’ Courtesy Impression

1. The Handlebar

The verdict: Greater not

Named immediately after its resemblance to bicycle handlebars, the handlebar mustache features very long ends that curl up. Relationship back to the nineteenth century, Handlebar mustaches have been sported by European troopers throughout the Earth War I era and Wild West figures in the U.S. The handlebar is a daring statement and, while it was the moment wildly well-liked, it may possibly be a little bit abnormal for modern-day moments. But if you are genuinely gunning for it—think costume occasion, Halloween, or Movember—keep the middle part below the nose trimmed and increase out the ends. Make sure you use a mustache wax or balm to maintain all those ends twirled.

Tom Selleck in 'Magnum P.I.' (1980)
Tom Selleck in ‘Magnum P.I.’ (1980) Alamy Inventory Picture

two. The Chevron

The verdict: Give it a go

A single of the most traditional mustache types, the chevron was popularized by actor Tom Selleck and is typically referred to as the Selleck. A straightforward design, the Chevron is the final dad stache, and covers the entire upper lip. A critical to a excellent Chevron mustache is holding any hair that hangs around the upper lip trimmed while protecting a cleanse shave on the relaxation of the confront. A neat and tidy glimpse, the chevron is a safe and sound and timeless design.

Brad Pitt in 'Inglourious Basterds'
Brad Pitt in ‘Inglourious Basterds’ Everett/REX Shutterstock

three. The Pencil

The verdict: Faux pas—unless finished effectively

In the thirties and 40s, the pencil was the mustache design of preference. As the identify suggests, the design is typified by a thin line of hair earlier mentioned the upper lip and needs typical routine maintenance. You’ll want to maintain this quick plenty of so it doesn’t protect your major lip and trim the base so it follows the form of your mouth. How thick or thin you dress in it is a make any difference of personal preference, but we’d err on the lengthier side like Brad Pitt athletics listed here, fairly than, say, John Waters…

Henry Cavill in 'Mission: Impossible – Fallout'
Henry Cavill in ‘Mission: Unachievable – Fallout’ David James/Paramount Photos and Skydance

four. The Beardsatche

The verdict: Sport it all the damn time

A single of the more well-liked types, the beardstache is a gruffer glimpse. Ordinarily, it brings together a entire mustache—dealer’s preference: walrus, chevron, or horeshoe—with a heavy layer of stubble on the relaxation of the confront. Lately, this design has grow to be well-liked between stars as it needs minimum routine maintenance and is simply individualized. To maintain your beardstache seeking excellent, only trim to preserve your desired length. Consider Henry Cavill in Mission Unachievable: Fallout.

The Weeknd attends the LA premiere of
The Weeknd Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP/Shutterstock

5. Contemporary Horseshoe

The verdict: Consider it out

Whilst the entire horseshoe is a little overbearing (Hulk Hogan), the modern-day horseshoe is a subtler just take on the traditional design. In the standard horseshoe mustache, the hair is thick, entire, and grows from earlier mentioned the lip all the way down the side of the confront. The modern-day horseshoe follows a related frame but in a slightly slimmer lower: The hair doesn’t increase around the major lip and the ends are shorter. To design, enable the hair increase out and all-around the corners of the mouth but shave the ends ahead of they go earlier the base lip.

Charlie Chaplin in 'The Adventurer'
Charlie Chaplin in ‘The Adventurer’ Moviestore/Shutterstock

6. The Toothbrush

The verdict: Go away it in the earlier

The Toothbrush is a thick mustache shaved down to the width of the nose, offering it a stubby overall look. To start with popularized by Charlie Chaplin, the toothbrush mustache was at first worn by manufacturing facility employees and related with the Industrial Revolution. Later, the design produced its way to Germany and, uh, yeah, sported by Hitler—so surely leave this design buried in history.

Sam Elliott in 'The Big Lebowski'
Sam Elliott in ‘The Significant Lebowski’ Polygram/Performing Title/Kobal/Shutterstock

7. Walrus

The verdict: Consider it on for dimensions

A huge, thick mustache that covers the entire major lip and often element of the base, the walrus acquired its identify from its uncanny resemblance to a walrus’s whiskers. This design has been worn by iconic males around the many years like Friedrich Nietzsche, Teddy Roosevelt, and Sam Elliott. Unfortunately, this glimpse simply cannot be sported by all, as it needs to be entire and needs a sound terminal length. You’ll want to comb frequently and use beard-trimming scissors to preserve your desired length. It’s more mountain guy than town slicker, but who are we to explain to you what to do with your facial hair.

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