At to start with, Piyushi Dhir, who lives with her parents and grandparents in Ontario, Canada, found that her grandfather took more time to get off the couch. In excess of time, he would want a hand. Dhir worried about him slipping. She purchased him a moveable standing support, a freestanding rail that he could use for steadiness as he bought to his ft.

Not only did the standing support increase her grandfather’s high quality of life, “it helped him get back some of his independence,” Dhir states. He didn’t have to depend on many others as a great deal.

As you age, it may turn into more challenging to do particular factors, this sort of as examine high-quality print, get dressed, or phase into a slippery tub. Assistive products permit you to do these duties with considerably less ache. They guard your joints and avoid injuries.

“Assistive products assistance make everyday routines much easier and safer,” states Elin Schold Davis, a Minneapolis-based occupational therapist and more mature driver coordinator at the American Occupational Remedy Affiliation.

“Assistive products are a broad variety of applications, products, and technologies that are created to assistance men and women complete a specific purpose,” states Lynda Shrager, an occupational therapist in Albany, NY, and CEO of At Home for Existence. They selection from a simple jar opener to substantial-tech household renovations. They are usually beneficial for more mature older people. For illustration, a get bar may preserve you from slipping and breaking a bone, Shrager states.

What Assistive Gadgets Do You Will need?

“It can be tricky to acknowledge that you want an assistive gadget,” states Scott Trudeau, PhD, the successful growing older observe supervisor at the American Occupational Remedy Affiliation. But it’s essential that you spend in them early on. “Get them as quickly as you discover that it’s a little more challenging to do one thing or you are unsteady on your ft,” he states. “You do not want to wait around until eventually you tumble and crack one thing.”

Chat to your health care provider, who can make ideas or refer you to an occupational therapist. They can assess your household and advise the very best assistive products for you. You can also take into consideration the following listing of experimented with-and-accurate assistive products for just about every element of your household.


Rest room:

  • Tub bench or shower chair: Your bathroom is one of the most dangerous rooms in the residence. According to the CDC, most bathroom injuries take place when you bathe and slip although having out of the tub or shower. With a tub bench, you sit down and swing your legs around the tub’s edge. “That’s safer than stepping in and out of a tub,” Trudeau states. If you have a shower, sitting down on a water-proof chair prevents spills.
  • Rest room riser: With an elevated seat, you do not have as significantly to vacation when sitting down or having up from the bathroom. “If you have the home, choose one with handles,” Shrager states.
  • Handheld shower head: Instead of contorting your overall body under a shower, you can purpose the water stream in which you want it.
  • Seize bar: “If there’s one assistive gadget I advise around nearly anything else, it’s a get bar,” Shrager states. They can avoid falls any where in your household, but in particular in a slick shower.


  • Bed rail: This steadiness bar slips beneath your mattress, so you get in and out of mattress securely.
  • Button hook and zipper pull: This gadget makes having dressed much easier. One particular conclude pulls button by means of holes and the other hooks into zipper pulls.
  • Sock support: With this support, you do not have to bend around, Shrager states. It has a funnel with two straps so you can slip socks on simply.

Kitchen area:

  • Jar opener: Pop off lids with this twist-off gadget. “It makes opening jars uncomplicated,” states Louise Chen of Irvine, CA. “I do not have to struggle.”
  • Ergonomic utensils: You can locate cooking applications and utensils with thicker grips, which is much easier on your arms.

Home and car:

  • Car or truck transfer handle: This moveable handle slips into your car’s frame. If you have leg weak spot, you can use it as help to get in and out of a car, Davis states. “I advise the HandyBar.”
  • Reacher: This gadget has a prolonged handle and a grabber on one conclude. It extends your attain, Shrager states. “If you drop one thing, you do not have to bend around to select it up.”
  • Lighted magnifier: “It’s more challenging for me to examine high-quality print,” Chen states. She keeps a lighted magnifier in her purse to examine menus, receipts, and other little variety.

Assistive technology:

  • Sensible household assistant: These products, this sort of as Alexa and Google Nest, use voice instructions to participate in tracks, manage your tv, change on the lights, and far more. They can assistance men and women with mobility concerns, and people who may have issues with switches or buttons.
  • Tablet reminder: As a lot of as seventy five% of seniors do not get their medications as approved. One particular of the best factors is that they simply neglect. To assistance you recall, pill dispensers and smartphone applications have reminders and alarms.
  • Professional medical alert units: These units act as a security web. You can get assistance if you tumble or have a health care emergency and just cannot attain a cell phone. Some have sensors that quickly detect outings and falls.

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