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ADPEAF – Genetics Home Reference

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Autosomal dominant partial epilepsy with auditory features (ADPEAF) is an unusual variety of epilepsy that operates in people. This dysfunction triggers seizures commonly characterized by seem-similar (auditory) indications this sort of as buzzing, humming, or ringing. Some persons experience extra complex seems in the course of a seizure, this sort of as certain voices or music, or variations in the quantity of seems. Some persons with ADPEAF out of the blue develop into unable to recognize language before dropping consciousness in the course of a seizure. This incapability to recognize speech is regarded as receptive aphasia. Significantly less generally, seizures may perhaps cause visible hallucinations, a disturbance in the feeling of scent, a emotion of dizziness or spinning (vertigo), or other indications impacting the senses.

Seizures related with ADPEAF commonly start in adolescence or young adulthood. They may perhaps be activated by certain seems, this sort of as a ringing telephone or speech, but in most situations the seizures do not have any recognized triggers. In most influenced persons, seizures are infrequent and efficiently managed with medicine.

Most persons with ADPEAF have seizures explained as simple , which do not cause a decline of consciousness. These seizures are imagined to start in a component of the brain called the lateral temporal lobe. In some persons, seizure action may perhaps spread from the lateral temporal lobe to affect other regions of the brain. If seizure action spreads to affect the whole brain, it triggers a decline of consciousness, muscle stiffening, and rhythmic jerking. Episodes that start as partial seizures and spread all over the brain are regarded as secondarily generalized seizures.

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