South Beach Diet regime

Could this reduced-carb eating plan give you an edge in shedding pounds? Enable you continue to keep pounds off permanently? Here is what you will need to know.

By Mayo Clinic Employees


The South Beach Diet regime is a popular business pounds-decline eating plan developed in 2003 by cardiologist Arthur Agatston, M.D., and initial outlined in the finest-selling book “The South Beach Diet regime: The Mouth watering, Health care provider-Designed, Foolproof Approach for Quickly and Nutritious Body weight Loss.”

The South Beach Diet regime, which is named following a glamorous space of Miami, is occasionally known as a modified reduced-carbohydrate eating plan. The South Beach Diet regime is decreased in carbs (carbs) and bigger in protein and healthy fat than is a typical consuming program. But it is really not a strict reduced-carb eating plan.

There is also a keto (ketogenic) model of the South Beach eating plan. Ketogenic diet programs contain extremely couple of carbs. The purpose of a ketogenic eating plan is to drive the entire body to use body fat for electrical power instead of carbs or protein.


The reason of the South Beach Diet regime is to alter the general harmony of the foods you eat to inspire pounds decline and a healthy way of living. The South Beach Diet regime says it is really a healthy way of consuming whether you want to reduce pounds or not.

Why you may possibly comply with the South Beach Diet regime

You may possibly pick to comply with the South Beach Diet regime because you:

  • Delight in the sorts and amounts of meals showcased in the eating plan
  • Want a eating plan that restricts sure carbs and fat to assist you reduce pounds
  • Want to alter your general consuming practices
  • Want a eating plan you can stick with for everyday living
  • Like the related South Beach Diet regime solutions, this sort of as cookbooks and eating plan foods

Verify with your physician or dietitian just before setting up any pounds-decline eating plan, primarily if you have any wellbeing worries.

Diet regime information

The South Beach Diet regime says that its harmony of sophisticated carbs, lean protein and healthy fat makes it a nutrient-dense, fiber-abundant eating plan that you can comply with for a life time of healthy consuming. Meals sources of sophisticated carbs, or so-known as fantastic carbs, contain fruit, vegetables, complete grains, beans and legumes. Simple carbs, or “negative” carbs, contain sugar, syrup and baked goods made from refined white flour.

The South Beach Diet regime also teaches you about the different sorts of dietary fat and encourages you to limit unhealthy fat while consuming more foods with more healthy monounsaturated fat. The South Beach Diet regime emphasizes the gains of fiber and complete grains and encourages you to contain fruits and vegetables in your consuming program.


The South Beach Diet regime is decreased in carbs than is a typical consuming program, but not as reduced as a strict reduced-carb eating plan. On a typical consuming program, about 45&percnt to sixty five&percnt of your day by day calories arrive from carbs. Based on a 2,000-calorie-a-working day eating plan, this amounts to about 225 to 325 grams of carbs a working day.

In the ultimate routine maintenance stage of the South Beach Diet regime, you can get as much as 28&percnt of your day by day calories from carbs, or about a hundred and forty grams of carbs a working day. A strict reduced-carb eating plan may possibly restrict your carb ingestion to as tiny as twenty to one hundred grams a working day. The keto model of the South Beach eating plan boundaries carbs to 40 grams a working day during stage one, and 50 grams during stage 2.


The South Beach Diet regime has progressed more than time and now suggests exercising as an significant portion of your way of living. The South Beach Diet regime says that normal exercising will raise your rate of metabolism and assist stop pounds-decline plateaus.

Phases of the South Beach Diet regime

The South Beach Diet regime has a few phases:

  • Phase one. This two-week stage is created to eradicate cravings for foods high in sugar and refined starches to jump-commence pounds decline. You slice out nearly all carbs from your eating plan, which include pasta, rice, bread and fruit. You won’t be able to drink fruit juice or any alcoholic beverages. You target on consuming lean protein, this sort of as seafood, skinless poultry, lean beef and soy solutions. You can also eat high-fiber vegetables, reduced-body fat dairy and foods with healthy, unsaturated fat, which include avocados, nuts and seeds.
  • Phase 2. This is a very long-expression pounds-decline stage. You commence incorporating back again some of the foods that were being prohibited in stage one, this sort of as complete-grain breads, complete-wheat pasta, brown rice, fruits and more vegetables. You continue to be in this stage until finally you reach your purpose pounds.
  • Phase 3. This is a routine maintenance stage intended to be a healthy way to eat for everyday living. You carry on to comply with the way of living concepts you learned in the two past phases. You can eat all sorts of foods in moderation.

A typical day’s menu on the South Beach Diet regime

Here is a glance at what you may possibly eat during a typical working day in stage one of the South Beach Diet regime:

  • Breakfast. Breakfast may possibly be an omelet with smoked salmon or baked eggs with spinach and ham, together with a cup of espresso or tea.
  • Lunch. Lunch may possibly be a vegetable salad with scallops or shrimp, together with iced tea or glowing water.
  • Supper. Supper may aspect grilled tuna or pork paired with grilled vegetables and a salad.
  • Dessert. The eating plan encourages you to enjoy a dessert, this sort of as a ricotta cheesecake or chilled espresso custard, even in stage one.
  • Snacks. You can enjoy snacks during the working day, way too, this sort of as a Muenster cheese and turkey roll-up or roasted chickpeas.


Body weight decline

The South Beach Diet regime says that you’ll reduce 8 to 13 lbs (3.6 to 5.nine kilograms) in the two-week interval that you might be in stage one. It also says that most of the pounds will be drop from your midsection. In stage 2, it says that you’ll possible reduce one to 2 lbs (.5 to one kilogram) a week.

Most people can reduce pounds on nearly any eating plan, primarily in the shorter expression. Most significant to pounds decline is how lots of calories you just take in and how lots of calories you melt away off. A pounds decline of one to 2 lbs a week is the typical recommendation. Even though it may seem to be slow, it is really a pace that’s more possible to assist you maintain your pounds decline permanently.

Losing a big sum of pounds promptly could point out that you might be shedding water pounds or lean tissue, alternatively than body fat. In some predicaments, nevertheless, more rapidly pounds decline can be secure if it is really performed in a healthy way. For case in point, some diet programs contain an initiation stage to assist you jump-commence your pounds decline, which include the South Beach Diet regime and the Mayo Clinic Diet regime.

Wellness gains

The South Beach Diet regime, while generally directed at pounds decline, may encourage sure healthy adjustments. Investigate reveals that subsequent a very long-expression consuming program that’s abundant in healthy carbs and dietary fat, this sort of as complete grains, unsaturated fat, vegetables and fruits, can enhance your wellbeing. For case in point, consuming a decreased carbohydrate eating plan with healthy fat may enhance your blood cholesterol degrees.


The South Beach Diet regime is frequently secure if you comply with it as outlined in official South Beach Diet regime books and websites. Nevertheless, if you severely restrict your carbs, you may experience troubles from ketosis. Ketosis occurs when you really don’t have ample sugar (glucose) for electrical power, so your entire body breaks down saved body fat, triggering ketones to create up in your entire body. Side effects from ketosis can contain nausea, headache, psychological tiredness and negative breath, and occasionally dehydration and dizziness.