Many thanks to an abundance of easy-to-obtain (but not often correct) details, a lot of men and women have misconceptions about rheumatoid arthritis (RA). Perhaps you’ve read that RA is just a ordinary indication of ageing or that it comes about for the reason that of have on on your joints. (The two are untrue.) In this article, two rheumatologists describe the fact at the rear of some of the most common myths about RA.

Fantasy 1: Only more mature grownups can get RA.

Grownups and young children alike can establish RA, states Max Konig, MD, a rheumatologist at Johns Hopkins College School of Medication in Baltimore. He states this misconception may be floating all over for the reason that young ones are frequently diagnosed with a subtype of juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA) fairly than RA. Youngsters with this sort of JIA — regarded as polyarticular arthritis, rheumatoid variable positive — have a protein referred to as rheumatoid variable (RF) or anti-cyclic citrullinated peptide (anti-CCP antibodies) that demonstrates up in their blood, as do most men and women with RA.

RA actually becomes rarer as you get more mature, notes Nilanjana Bose, MD, a rheumatologist at Rheumatology Centre of Houston. You’re additional likely to have osteoarthritis than RA as you age, she states.

The the vast majority of men and women are diagnosed with RA between their 30s and 50s, according to Konig. He states that challenges in your immune technique — like RF and anti-CCP antibodies — could actually exhibit up over a ten years before your signs start out, indicating that RA can start out substantially before than it is diagnosed.

Fantasy 2: RA is the very same as osteoarthritis.

Osteoarthritis and RA both of those impact your joints, but Konig states they’re unique ailments with unique remedy methods.

RA is an autoimmune disease, this means your immune technique sees ordinary proteins in your joints and other tissues as a threat and tries to destroy them, he points out.

“It’s type of like your immune technique is turning on your very own human body and triggering a lot of irritation,” Bose states. “As a outcome, you get joint agony and inflammation, and you can also get other signs like excess weight reduction, fever, and tiredness.”

Simply because it is a systemic disease — this means it influences your complete human body — RA can also contain points like your lungs and heart, states Bose. Lung disease is specially common in men and women who have RF or anti-CCP antibodies in their blood, regarded as seropositive rheumatoid arthritis, Konig states.


He notes that RA can also impact your skin, eyes, and, in unusual circumstances, blood vessels. “You seriously have to address RA additional aggressively for the reason that we’re not just conversing about joints, we’re conversing about your whole human body,” Bose states.

In comparison, osteoarthritis is confined to your joints. It’s the have on-and-tear sort of arthritis fairly than an autoimmune disease for the reason that it does not contain the immune technique, Konig states. Bose points out that contrary to RA, osteoarthritis has no other signs outside of agony, inflammation, stiffness, and tenderness.

Fantasy three: There isn’t any remedy for RA, so you just have to reside with it.

In the previous, Konig states, men and women who finished up in the medical center with RA were being addressed with mattress rest, chilly compresses, therapeutic massage, and leg elevation. This could have eased some of their signs, but it didn’t end the disease from receiving even worse. More than time, this led to deformed joints and exhausting agony.

Thankfully, this is no for a longer time legitimate. “Over the previous forty a long time, the remedy of rheumatoid arthritis has modified dramatically,” Konig states. “We now have a myriad of remarkably productive therapies that can not only lessen or eliminate agony, but also quench joint irritation and stop the growth of structural bone problems, joint deformity, and incapacity.”

Not only are there a lot of remedy options for RA flares, but there are a great deal to support deal with the disease, points out Bose. Your rheumatologist will support you obtain the most effective remedy for your requirements.

Fantasy four: You should not exercising when you have RA.

This a person could seem plausible for the reason that you don’t want to set additional have on on your joints. But the only time it could be legitimate is if you’re acquiring a flare-up, when you ought to scale again your activity. “We don’t want to stress out the joints, so we don’t propose vigorous exercising at that time,” Bose states. Usually, exercising is an crucial part of managing RA. It can lessen tiredness and depression, make you much better and additional adaptable, and even support stop incapacity.

A single major purpose exercising is crucial is that when you have RA, you have a better danger of heart disease, notes Konig. Having standard exercising can lessen your danger. The American Coronary heart Association endorses a minimum of a hundred and fifty minutes of average-intensity or 75 minutes of high-intensity cardio activity each 7 days.

Make guaranteed you’re performing the proper type of exercising so you’re not as well tricky on your joints, Bose states, specially if your hips or knees are influenced. She endorses minimal-effect cardio physical exercises like swimming, gentle going for walks, or using an elliptical machine or stationary bicycle. Your rheumatologist or actual physical therapist can support you style an exercising approach that functions for you.


Fantasy five: You’re certainly heading to have joint problems if you have RA.

There are so a lot of productive treatment options, specially when RA is diagnosed and addressed early, that joint problems can frequently be prevented, Bose states. That’s why it is so crucial to choose action as early as possible. “The goal is to get the disease into remission rapidly, considering that considerable problems can take place early in the disease training course,” states Konig.

Everyone’s RA functions otherwise, states Konig, probably because of to points like their environment, their genes, and how the disease demonstrates up. Some men and women have intense RA, and even with remedy, they can have joint problems and deformity. But this is a minority of patients, Bose states.

Fantasy 6: It does not support RA to make way of life modifications.

Further than exercising, other way of life modifications can make a major effect, these types of as ditching cigarettes. “We know that cigarette cigarette smoking is a considerable danger variable for the growth of RA, and smokers have a tendency to have additional severe disease,” Konig states. Quitting can strengthen RA as nicely as your danger for heart disease.

Having a healthier food plan, training frequently, sleeping nicely, managing stress, and introducing thoughts-human body relaxation approaches are all crucial to aiding command agony, tiredness, and irritation and managing RA, states Bose.

Folks with RA are at a better danger for specified types of cancer for the reason that of continual irritation. Way of life modifications can also support lessen this danger, Bose states.

Fantasy seven: After you truly feel improved, you can end taking your medication.

“The purpose you’re feeling improved is for the reason that you’re on the medicine, so when you end it, your disease will appear again,” Bose points out. RA is a continual issue. Some men and women go into remission, but for most, “the disease stays at a baseline, smoldering stage with very good remedy,” she states.

Your rheumatologist wants to give you as little medication as possible. If your disease has been in remission for a extensive time, they’ll test to little by little lessen or end your remedy, states Konig. This course of action will help some men and women pinpoint the minimum amount of medication they want to command their RA. Other folks are capable to end remedy altogether, at the very least for a time, he states.


It’s crucial to be aware that you ought to hardly ever end your medication without having conversing to your medical doctor very first. For a person point, these medications perform by weakening your immune technique from its unusual response, points out Konig. If you end taking them all of a unexpected, there’s a high danger that your immune technique will decide to act up once more.

Often, men and women end taking their medicine for the reason that they’re acquiring facet results or don’t like how it can make them truly feel, notes Bose. If this is the case for you, it is crucial to permit your rheumatologist know that you’re acquiring hassle fairly than modifying or stopping it on your very own, she advises. If your next appointment is some time away, test sending a concept via your on the net affected person portal, or connect with your rheumatologist’s nurse for guidance.



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