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Relation Between Solitude, Loneliness and Meditation

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Enjoying solitude is an easy way to enjoy happiness, feel peace and charm in our life. Solitude should not be misunderstood as either a state of loneliness or meditation. There is lot of difference between these two states and solitude. Loneliness is a state which is not voluntarily acceptable to anyone and therefore is unpleasant. On the other hand meditation is a work which is to be performed in solitude. Solitude is a primary condition for starting meditation.

Those who are not lonely or do not find enough time for themselves can try enjoying solitude. Solitude can be voluntarily created or it can be converted from loneliness. It is really very difficult to get some time off the daily schedule, especially from modern gadgets where one is always accompanied by some electronic gadget like mobile phone, notebook, iPod etc.

Solitude and Loneliness

Loneliness if used positively is solitude. If we can drive energy and inspiration from loneliness then it is not loneliness but solitude. A state of solitude is loneliness when you long for someone, when there is a feeling of being departed, this feeling can turn into negative feeling if it persists for a longer duration.

Feeling of loneliness must be avoided, as it is not good for emotional health. On the other hand we must develop a liking for solitude, give some time to our self everyday to think about our own self, what we have? What we want? How we are? Our individual progress as a human being as well as taking care of hobbies and interests which are sleeping in some corner of our heart. Solitude that we can observe for sometime in everyday life can help us in this regard.

Solitude and Meditation

Meditation is a job, a job which is performed in solitude. Mental or physical solitude is a primary condition of meditation. There can be no meditation if there is no solitude but it doesn’t mean that solitude and meditation are same. No, they are not. We can use solitude for meditation if we wish to or we can simply enjoy solitude without moving forward towards meditation. Even if we don’t meditate and only devote some time for solitude we’ll see some benefits which cannot be described by words.

Meditation is a process of refining the state and benefits of solitude. Meditation helps us to look deep inside our own psyche and thus improve our thoughts and feelings. Meditation needs dedication whereas solitude is more easily accessible to everyone if they are willing to devote some time for themselves.

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