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Kickflip Tutorial with Chris Cole

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The Kickflip is the very first massive trick to discover in skateboarding. At the time you learn this just one, it’ll be a lot easier to go on studying other flip tips and a lot much more. To get you dialed in, we collaborated with Stomp Sessions and a few-time X Online games gold medalist Chris Cole. With his quick-to-follow professional suggestions, you will discover the ideal approach to land this typical trick with confidence. 

Prior to You Kickflip, Master the Ollie

To do a correct Kickflip, make absolutely sure your Ollies are reliable and that you are night out the board by sliding your entrance foot forward. That is going to assistance you a whole lot when studying the Kickflip.

Foot Placement

Kickflip - Stomp Sessions
Stomp Sessions

Put your entrance foot an inch under the entrance bolts at a 45 diploma angle, with most of your foot on the board (and your heel slightly off). Put your again foot at the heart of the tail––all the way again to the tip and balanced on your toes––that’s what’s going to hit the ground very first.

Pop and Flick

Kickflip - Stomp Sessions
Stomp Sessions

When you pop, slide your entrance foot at a 45 diploma angle, up and as a result of the nose. The sweet location is the pocket the place the nose begins to go up in entrance of your bolts. Flicking as a result of this location will degree out your board. Bounce and keep your upper body up, when lifting your again foot.

Make the Catch

Kickflip - Stomp Sessions
Stomp Sessions

You’ll capture the tail with your again foot as the board levels out from your flick. Hold your entrance foot out and up, waiting for your again foot to capture it. This allows stay clear of the terrible routine of putting your entrance foot down prior to catching the board. 

Prevent Terrible Behaviors

Kickflip - Stomp Sessions
Stomp Sessions

If your board doesn’t flip above, consider flicking a minimal much more as a result of the nose. If you are having issues preserving your entrance foot up prior to catching with your again foot, don’t forget to bounce with your upper body when you flick.  

Check out Cole’s Kickflip Tutorial on Stomp Sessions.

To get the foundations to the Kickflip, observe Cole’s Ollie Tutorial. At the time you have the Kickflip on lock, you are all set to discover the Tre Flip.

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