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If Prescribed Opioids for Pain, Ask Lots of Questions: FDA

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News Picture: If Prescribed Opioids for Pain, Ask Lots of Questions: FDA

THURSDAY, May 21, 2020 (HealthDay News) — If your health care provider prescribes opioid painkillers these kinds of as hydrocodone, oxycodone, codeine or morphine for you, there are a number of thoughts you really should talk to, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration advises.

Opioids can be utilized to treat specified sorts of acute and serious agony, but can have some significant facet outcomes, most notably habit.

If you are approved opioids, the Food and drug administration claims you really should talk to: Why do I need this medicine? Is it correct for me? Are there nonopioid agony medicines I could take rather?

If your health care provider thinks a prescription opioid is the most effective way to control your agony, talk to: to be approved the cheapest dose and the smallest amount you can need how to lower the hazard of likely facet outcomes when and how to halt or taper its use and when to adhere to up on how nicely it is performing.

Choose opioids exactly as approved by your health and fitness care supplier. If you continue to have agony, simply call your health and fitness care supplier. Will not take an added dose of opioids.

Understand to identify significant facet outcomes — these kinds of as too much sleepiness or craving far more of the medicine — so you and your household will know when to simply call a health care provider or go to the medical center.

Inquire your pharmacist if your opioid prescription will come with a Treatment Guideline (paper handouts that arrive with quite a few prescription medicines) that can provide you with far more facts.

Explain to your health and fitness care supplier if you’ve got had problems with compound misuse or habit to medications or alcoholic beverages, or a historical past of using tobacco cigarettes, or if everyone in your household has had problems with compound misuse, alcoholism or drug habit.

You also need to inform your health and fitness care supplier about all other medicines you are getting, primarily individuals approved to treat nervousness, sleeping problems or seizures. Even medicines you take only at times could interact with the opioid medicine.

If you have children at home, the Food and drug administration suggests storing your opioid prescription drugs in a lockbox. An accidental dose of an opioid intended for an grownup can bring about a deadly overdose in a baby. The lockbox will also prevent everyone from stealing your opioid prescription drugs.

— Robert Preidt

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Source: U.S. Food and Drug Administration, news launch, May 2020

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