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How to Set Up a Home Hi-Fi System That’ll Blow Your Mind

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Create a head-blowing hello-fi system with new gear that combines unprecedented simplicity and benefit. If it’s a hello-fi setup you are following, this is the gear—turntable, speakers, amplifier, streamer, and headphones—you will need.



The Tech You Have to have to Create a Head-Blowing Hello-Fi System

VPI Industries Player
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1. The TURNTABLE: VPI Industries Player

The vinyl revival is genuine. Analog encoding reveals prosperous details and depth, in particular when channeled by a higher-finish turntable. With plug-and-enjoy simplicity and calculated sonic precision, this smooth spinner also incorporates a crafted-in headphone amp—a have to for your hello-fi system.

[$1,500 vpiindustries.com]

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EgglestonWorks Nico Speakers
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two. SPEAKERS: EgglestonWorks Nico EVOlution

Any system starts with the speakers, and these are the entry issue in a lineup prized by recording engineers for remarkably correct sonic reproduction throughout musical genres. The smaller sized 19-inch cabinet is no trade-off the handmade Nicos develop heavyweight 3D audio, regardless of whether rocking Sabbath or Stravinsky.

[$5,000 egglestonworks.com]

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Bryston B135 Cubed Amp
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3. Integrated AMPLIFIER: Bryston B135 Cubed

Received good speakers? Then you also will need a good amp, and built-in amplifiers offer you utmost simplicity and usefulness. This compact, convection-cooled unit stands over pricier possibilities in offering refined electricity, nixing distortion for a cleaner audio. It’s also manufactured to last, with extraordinary construct top quality backed by a 20-year guarantee.

[$six,500 bryston.com]

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Sonos Port
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four. STREAMER: Sonos Port

Thankfully, analog aficionados really do not will need to receive a individual established of gear to wirelessly enjoy digital media. The new Port simply connects those feeds to an amplified stereo or receiver, enabling you to operate your preferred mixes and podcasts (not just that scarce vinyl discover) via your ideal audio gear, whilst also tapping into multi-place speaker systems.

[$449 sonos.com]

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Beyerdynamic Amiron Headphones
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5. HEADPHONES: Beyerdynamic Amiron

Confident, sounds-canceling wi-fi head-telephones operate for portable audio on the shift. But for extra spacious audio, these comfy, open-again wired headphones immerse you in hello-fi audio, with revolutionary, vibration-reducing magnet technological innovation for clarity and precision. Additionally, they’re optimized for higher-resolution digital audio, as well.

[$599 beyerdynamic.com]

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