Fainting occurs when your mind quickly does not obtain ample blood provide, leading to you to get rid of consciousness. This decline of consciousness is generally transient.

Fainting may have no health-related importance. Or the cause can be a severe ailment, often involving the coronary heart. Thus, handle decline of consciousness as a health-related emergency until the indications and signs and symptoms are relieved, and the cause is regarded. Communicate to your health care provider if you faint much more than once.

If you experience faint

  • Lie down or sit down. To reduce the probability of fainting again, don’t get up much too rapidly.
  • Put your head concerning your knees if you sit down.

If a person else faints

  • Situation the particular person on his or her back. If there are no accidents and the particular person is breathing, increase the person’s legs over coronary heart degree — about twelve inches (30 centimeters) — if probable. Loosen belts, collars or other constrictive outfits.

    To reduce the probability of fainting again, don’t get the particular person up much too rapidly. If the particular person does not regain consciousness within 1 minute, connect with 911 or your neighborhood emergency variety.

  • Look at for breathing. If the particular person isn’t really breathing, get started CPR. Contact 911 or your neighborhood emergency variety. Go on CPR until support comes or the particular person begins to breathe.

If the particular person was injured in a drop related with a faint, handle bumps, bruises or cuts correctly. Regulate bleeding with immediate strain.