Entrepreneurship Lessons From The Life Of Sheth Jeebun

In the world of entrepreneurship, Sheth Jeebun is considered one of the most famous and respected business people. He has done his bachelor’s in nursing and started working as a registered nurse. Since then, he has established his name in the healthcare sector of the United Kingdom.

He is the director of one of the best healthcare service providers in the United Kingdom, Aster Healthcare. In addition, he is the owner of four nursing homes in the United Kingdom. Excellent standards of healthcare facilities are provided in his nursing homes. Therefore he has gained a lot of respect around the world. His organization has a person-centered approach, and the treatment is based on assessing individual needs and wants. Furthermore, his employees provide services to the customers like they are the residents of their own house.

Now one of the focuses is how Sheth Jeebun has gained soo much reputation in the world of entrepreneurship. What can we learn from his life? How other organizations can get benefit from the entrepreneurship lessons taught by the life of Sheth Jeebun.

Think Win/Win:

It is one of the fundamental approaches of Sheth Jeebun and has earned his success. He always has an approach to benefiting the community under his influence. He taught his employees to take the best care of their customers and provide their services according to global standards while also making profits for his company.

He wanted to fulfill the needs of the underprivileged and those deprived of basic needs. Due to this, he has decided to build some infrastructure facilities in Mauritius, such as buildings and transport facilities.

It is one of the best habits of great businesses that they think for the betterment of their society and creates profits for their own company without harming the society. 

Believe In Equality:

In the organization of Sheth Jeebun, people will never face discrimination based on gender, race, or age. They will always get a salary based on their skills and services. He has strictly implemented gender equality laws in his organization and worked for women’s empowerment.

He has also empowered women deprived of basic skills in India by allowing them to make products and sell them to earn money. 

Proactive Mindset:

Many people react to a problem rather than curbing it and not allowing it to develop. But, Sheth Jeebun has one of the holiest habits of entrepreneurship: proactiveness. He always thought about the future of society and how he could help the people in the upcoming years. 

Furthermore, he has decided to use advanced and modern technology in his firms to give their consumers better services. Global Warming and climate change are the biggest problems in the upcoming years, and the world is worrying about this. To reduce carbon emissions in his organization, Sheth Jeebun has made policies to help. Reduce greenhouse gases.

He wants to expand his business as well. So he started increasing his customer support and developed many of his company franchises in the major parts of the world, like big firms. Sheth Jeebun wants to become one of the most renowned people in the world, and with this quality, it is almost possible that he will achieve it.


One major thing a person needs is a passion for doing something big in life. In entrepreneurship, it is a compulsion. Without it, you will never be able to achieve something big. He always has passion in his life, the passion for serving humanity, working for society’s betterment, and increasing their living standards. Now, it can be said that with passion and determination, Sheth Jeebun is getting towards his aim. He is serving humanity very well and looking after the underprivileged ones.

He has always been passionate in every part of his life, from being a registered nurse to the CEO of Aster Healthcare. It is the reason he has developed his business into a large firm.

Believe In Hardwork:

Sheth Jeebun doesn’t belong to a very wealthy family in India. He was a mediocre person and did his O Levels and A levels in the United Kingdom and his bachelor’s from Cambridge University. People believe he has achieved this without hard work, but that is a wrong perception. He has worked hard and always believed he would accomplish his goals.

He has spent many nights working for his organization and thinking about developing good healthcare service providers worldwide. In entrepreneurship, every business needs to do hard work, which will lead to a better lifestyle. He should think big. Shouldn’t follow the shortcuts as shortcuts are always temporary happiness. Their ultimate aim should be in the long run. Moreover, he has also enforced the habit of hard work in his employees, so his organization is full of honored people. Remember, hard work should be preferred but with smart work as well.

Believe That He Will Achieve Success:

If a person struggles for something, he should firmly believe he will achieve his aim. It prevents him from demotivation and time waste. He knew that he would achieve his aim, and now he is the owner of a multinational company. A startup should believe In its success. That is the basic doctrine. Sheth Jeebun always aimed like he wanted to be one of the best healthcare service providers, and now he has achieved it.

Although luck also matters in entrepreneurship, it doesn’t mean the person should never believe in his success. Of course, there would be ups and downs, but he should always focus on his goal. A determined person is always focused on his goals.

HR Resource:

He has worked with many of his employees, and almost everyone suggested that he respects his employees. He has used his HR resource in a very useful way. So, he always pays his employees a standard salary and counsels them on providing better services to the consumers.

Many organizations need to learn this from Sheth Jeebun’s initiatives, as the use of HR is an essential part of a business organization. For example, if a CEO doesn’t take care of his employees and overloads them, it could negatively impact his business and lead to financial liability. Therefore, always care about the needs of the employees and provide them with a work/life balance.


Sheth Jeebun’s life can be taught us many entrepreneurship lessons. His initiatives can be helpful for large organizations, and his habits have played a vital role in his success. People should take benefit from the entrepreneurial skills Sheth Jeebun possesses. It can also help them to develop a multinational organization.